Sealant & Adhesives


Typical applications in this industry:

  • Sealing integral fuel tanks
  • Cabin pressure sealing
  • Aerodynamic smoothing and water tank sealing
  • Cartidge filling equipment and systems
  • Construction of overhead bin storage areas
  • Floor panel sealing
  • Interior panel inserts
Automotive Assembly and Feeder Plants

Typical applications in these industries:

  • Vehicular lighting equipment - sealing and bonding
  • Motor vehicles and passenger car bodies - seam sealing and sound deadener applications
  • Bonding of plastic body components
  • Potting speaker magnets
  • Sealing and joining under hood components
  • Weather-strip filling
  • Hemflange: PVC seam sealing
  • Spraying of vehicle underbody
  • Sealing and joining under hood components
  • Door panels
  • Seat assembly
  • Bonding cloth trims
  • Floor carpetry
  • Sealing vinyl tops
Truck, Trailer and Recreational Vehicle

Typical applications in truck or trailer plants:

  • Headliners
  • Interior joint sealing inside a cab
  • Corner post joint sealing
  • Bonding of floor members
  • Step tread sealing or bonding
  • Bumper assembly
  • Body joint sealing
  • Sealing or bedding of exterior accessories
  • Bonding/sealing of roof bows on trailers
  • Sealing of corrugated decking
  • Bonding door gaskets
  • Indicator lights assembly
  • Exterior cosmetic sealing
  • Weld bonding of component parts
  • Direct glazing
Typical applications - recreational vehicles:
  • Sealing of window units into side walls and back walls
  • Windshield sealing
  • Assembly/sealing of luggage compartments
  • Assembly/sealing of interior fixtures and parts
  • Application of sound deadener
  • Lamination of roof and floor components
  • Bumper assembly
  • Direct glazing
Bus and Rail Plants

Typical applications in bus plants:

  • Interior post sealing
  • Corner post joint sealing
  • Step tread sealing/bonding
  • Bumper assembly
  • Roof Bow sealing
  • Fabricated room seam sealing
  • Side Panel sealing or bonding
  • Sealing or bedding of exterior accessories
  • Wind shield sealing
  • Weld bonding of component parts
  • Direct glazing

Typical applications in rail plants:

  • Interior panel sealing
  • Nailable steel flooring sealant
  • Perimeter floor sealing
  • Corner post sealing
  • Top rail or roof cap joint sealing
  • Joint or seams on fabricated roof
  • Exterior panel joint or seam sealing
Insulated Glass
and Modular Housing

Typical applications - Insulated Glass:

  • Dispensing Two Component Urethanes, Silicones and Polysulfides for Insulating Glass Panels
  • Back-bedding of glass to wood or vinyl sash using 1K or 2K silicone

Typical applications - modular housing:

  • Bonding floor board to floor joints and trusses with urethane foam adhesive
  • Bonding interior wallboard to studs using urethane adhesives
  • Bond ceiling joints to ceiling panels using polyurethane adhesive
  • Assembly of interior fixtures
Wood & Furniture

Typical applications in this industry:

  • Assembly of metal and office furniture
  • Assembly of partitions, file cabinets, storage bins, drawers, side panels, corner blocks
  • Bonding foam to fabrics
  • Wood to wood bonding applications
Electronics, Radio and TV

Typical applications in these industries:
  • Protect electronic components in aerospace, automotive, and appliance equipment.
  • Encapsulating: protecting printed circuit boards, electrical insulation of wires and terminals
  • Staking terminal assembly wires to PC bound
  • Attaching re-routing wires and components

Radio and TV:

  • Joining molded plastic door fronts to frames
  • Sealing cabinet seams
  • Mounting stereo speakers in cabinets

Typical applications in this industry:
  • Bonding metal to metal in housing assemblies.
  • Bonding plastic to plastic in handle assemblies and liner parts.
  • Bonding glass to metal in the construction of shelving and windows.
  • Bonding fiberglass insulation to metal housing