Welcome on the pages of the TAPS, Ltd. Company.

Our activity subjects are the engineering, installation and service of the GRACO spraying,
extrusive and pumping technology and further the productive and design activity. Currently,
the company acts as INTEGRATOR with the view to delivery of technological entities for the
automotive industry, chemical, building, wood processing a
nd machinery industry, according
to the customer requirements. Our company is the important machines supplier for the road
line striping, for the road keeping and maintenance, technical services and the private
companies that are engaged in this activity.

The TAPS Ltd Company is a distributor of the PARKER hydraulic and pneumatic elements.
We insure the projection, service and repairs of the PARKER, DENISON, VICKERS but also
BOSH-REXROTH hydraulic pumps and others. Our company performs the tube distribution
montage in the stationery and automotive industry.

The company executive head is Milan Ursík ing.