Fluid Transfer

As a leader worldwide in fluid handling systems, GRACO's process fluid handling equipment primarily targets these process industries:
Chemical Processing Industries

Graco's Husky Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD) are known worldwide for reliable performance in transfer and supply applications for the following processing industries.

Petrochemical Industries

  • Mining and Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Asphalt and Lubricating Oils
Typical applications in these industries:
  • Pumping fluid from tanks
  • Moving fluids from one side of the plant to the other
  • Transferring fluids from drums to tanks
  • Pumping drilling mud
  • Unloading/refilling oil rigs bulk supplies
  • Offshore rigs to collect waste fluids that may not be dumped into the ocean
Industrial Organic
and Inorganic Chemicals

  • Plating
  • Paper, Pulp and Box Board
  • Marine
  • Soap, Detergents and Cosmetics
  • Drugs and Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural Chemicals

This group of businesses includes manufacturers of acids, aluminium compounds, sodium and potassium compounds, fuels, silica compounds, carbides and metal salts.

Typical applications for AODD pumps in these industries include:

  • Batch transfer of intermediates or finished goods.
  • Various portable de-watering and waste fluid sump evacuation applications.
  • Drum unloading of raw materials.
  • Transfer of finished goods from holding tanks to packaging/filling equipment.
  • Transfer of finished goods to shipping containers
  • Transfer truck unloading.
  • Circulating of fluids in process bulk tanks
  • Chemical injection/metering/dosing of additive chemicals
  • Combustible chemicals: air-operated pumps are a good fit over electric pumps

Water Treatment

  • Oil-Water Separation
  • Ion Exchange
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Polymer Feed/Clarifier Process
  • De-watering Press Process

Common to all industries is the processing and disposal of waste fluids generated by manufacturing and end product. The WWT industry is growing worldwide due to enforcement of environment regulations, requiring more stringent control of hazardous wastes and lower emissions.

Typical applications for AODD pumps in the WWT plants include:

  • Sludge transfer and agitation
  • Tanker Truck unloading
  • Utility and maintenance
  • Injection and transfer of pH-adjusting chemicals
  • Transferring and mixing polyelectrolite and aluminium chlorohydrate for knocking-out the heavy solids in the waste streams
  • Feeding the filter press, which presses out the final liquids from the sludge to make a dry cake.

Paint Coatings and Varnish

This industry can be divided into Architectural, Specialty, Maintenance, Marine, and OEM application segments. However, it is relatively homogenous from a processing and manufacturing perspective. Paint manufacturers typically use processes in which the coatings are blended and agitated in large vessels. They are then filtered and packaged.

Typical applications for AODD pumps in the paint and coatings industries include:
  • Batch transfer of intermediates (dispersions) or finished goods from one process vessel to another.
  • Bulk transfer of raw materials (solvents, resins, emulsions, etc.) from bulk storage tanks to process vessels.
  • Transfer of finished goods from holding tanks to packaging/filling line.
  • Drum unloading of raw materials (or intermediates).
  • Waste water treatment.
  • Mix and dispense tints in the tint room (using the Husky Twistork or Husky Back Geared Agitator
Textiles, Synthetic Rubber
and other Plastic Materials

The textiles industry includes textiles, carpets, dye, bleaching, and sizing chemicals. The manufacture of textiles can be divided into two phases:

  • The mechanical phase which includes knitting, weaving, and spinning.
  • The wet processing phase, including dyeing, finishing, bleaching, and printing.

Typical applications for AODD pumps in these industries include:

  • Transfer of finishing and dyeing chemicals from bulk tanks to mixers.
  • Pumping finishing and dyeing chemicals from mixers to finishing and dyeing chemical machines (transfer, metering, dosing, spray applications).
  • Tote and drum unloading of raw materials.
  • Transfer of wastewater fluids from collection tanks to the wastewater treatment area.
  • Supply and circulation of dyes/inks to the rotary screen printing machines.
  • Tanker truck unloading.
  • Hydrogen peroxide bulk unloading.

    Ceramics and Porcelain

    The ceramics industry is broad, including:
    • end user products (tableware building materials, sanitary ware, vitreous china plumbing, and electrical insulators).
    • enabling technology for a wide variety of industries that manufacture components and systems, such as the automotive, electronics, biotechnology, optics, imaging, chemical and aerospace industries.

    AODD pumps dominate this market because of the abrasive nature and shear-sensitivity of ceramic slip.

    Typical applications for AODD pumps in the ceramics industries include:

    • Feeding thixotropic slip to the caster to make ceramic pipe.
    • Pumping high solids Kaolin slurry to an expansion tank.
    • Pumping glaze to a spray nozzle.
    • Pumping fluidised ceramic slip to a filter press to make fine china.
    • Pumping glaze waste to a holding tank
    and Adhesives

    Still a growing market, the adhesive and sealants manufacturing industries, has many applications for AODD pumps:

    • Batch transfer of intermediates of finished goods from one process vehicle to another.
    • Bulk transfer of raw materials (solvents, emulsions, etc) from bulk storage tanks to process vessels
    • Transfer of finished goods from holding tanks to the packaging/filling line
    • Drum unloading of raw materials
    • Wastewater treatmen
    Sanitary Processing Industries

    Graco's sanitary pumps are without equal in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Whether you are dispensing material from bins or drums, Graco's sanitary pumps give you the most innovative solutions to eliminate time-intensive activities and improve your processes through efficient dispensing & transferring of a wide range of materials. All Graco's sanitary equipment meets USDA, 3A or FDA standards for design, construction, material and maintenance. All sanitary equipment is made of stainless steel materials.

    Food Processing

    The following applications are typical for food processing industries:
    • Transfer and unloading of materials such as fruit juice concentrate, tomato paste, corn syrup, milk, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, fruit purees, salad dressing, soup base, peanut butter, ricotta cheese, caramel, chocolate paste, cereal filling and many more.
    • Also in dosing, batching and metering of materials such as tomato sauce for pizza, mustard for sandwiches, tomato paste for sauces, cheese for snack foods, peanut butter and chocolate for snacks

    In the cosmetics industries typical applications are handling mascara base, hand lotion, moisturising cr?me, toothpaste and package filling.

    Typical applications in the pharmaceutical industries is the handling of materials such as cough medicine, barium, nitro-glycerine cream, ointments, baby care creams etc.